Little Miracles

Little Miracles

Throughout the Bible there are countless miracles. From raising people from the dead to feeding thousands with mere fish and loaves of bread. In the years that Jesus walked the earth, to deny His power, His authority, and His Godliness was to literally deny your eyesight- the things happening right in front of you.

And despite these facts, STILL people did not believe in Him.

They refused to believe in even the fantastic miracles that only God could perform in front of their very eyes.

Needless to say, in today’s world, believing is even harder than it was then. 2000 years later, we don’t have the Messiah walking the streets of our hometowns or giving large sermons in the countryside. We don’t see the apostles walking the streets commanding the lame to walk and the blind to see. No one is being raised from the dead or turning water into wine or being cured from leprosy with a dip in the pond (or seven).

However, believers and non-believers alike mistake this as God not being present at all. That our almighty Father is running His world like an abandoned SIMS game- we the characters being forced to survive alone, without the help or guidance of our maker.

Boy, are we wrong.

And boy, are we selfish.

Just as much as every single one of us, I am completely guilty of doubting the Lord’s presence.

“I need to see it.”

“If I could just had proof.”

“Give me something tangible.”

I’ve needed to see something big. Something national news-worthy. Something I could see happen as a total affirmation that the Lord was here, working, moving.

But I missed the point.

Faith is believing without seeing.

Although Jesus isn’t still walking, performing the grandest of spectacles and miracles on the Earth today, to deny His power, His authority, and his Godliness is still to deny your eyesight- the things happening RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU- just as much as it was then.

There is no shortage of miracles happening everyday. His miracles are just as prevalent as they were then.

Think about it.
Sunrise to sunset we live among miracles. The little miracles that make life great- those are the moments that God is THERE. So I challenge each and every one of you to find God in those moments. To stop and see all the things He is doing everyday. Join me in this search for peace and joy in every moment.

Love you guys!


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