Let’s Stop Pretending

Let’s Stop Pretending

No, really.

Let’s start saying “no” to a world of facades. A world where brokenness, messiness and realness are replaced with the picture perfect, photoshopped, edited, whitened, “aesthetically pleasing” versions of ourselves. Because, if we’re being honest, what is it that we actually gain from that kind of world? A world where we superficially edit the blemishes out of  our lives so that others think we have it all together? Nothing. We quite literally gain nothing of value. We look at boxes on a screen and wallow in sadness, wishing our lives were as glamorous, as perfect, as pleasing or as well-timed as our friends, our families and total strangers- all people who simultaneously put on the same masks we do! Who THINK the same way we do! Who wish they were us, You, Them, Me- anyone.

So let’s stop lying to ourselves and to each other. Let’s be candid and open to the possibility that brokenness really is beautiful. That our brokenness can be made beautiful! And the fact that we’re all flipping AWESOME. I mean, come on. YOU (yes, you.) were HANDCRAFTED by the Creator of the Universe. I’m absolutely positive you can’t get cooler than that- google it or something. God calls us ALL to share in our sorrows and celebrate our victories as a village, so let’s do it. Let’s learn from each other’s transparency and open the door to a whole new kind of love. I’ll even go first.

About a year ago I wrote a whole page on my insecurities and put it up on the internet for the whole wide world to see. You can still read it here. In the last year, I have grown and changed A LOT. A lot may be an understatement. However, a lot of those themes still remain in my life as things I struggle with daily. I compare myself to other people. I forget my worth, my value, and the inheritance that Jesus died for just for me. It’s not always pretty. BUT GOD IS SO STINKING GOOD Y’ALL.

So there it is folks. The first post of the brand new, fancy, shiny blog. I’m excited. God is moving big time and it’s gonna be SO COOL! So you should??? subscribe ??? 🙂 hehe, shameless plug. GOTTA DO IT. Okay, I’m done now.




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