Washington D.C.’s BEST (and totally free) Hidden Photo Ops

Washington D.C.’s BEST (and totally free) Hidden Photo Ops

Washington D.C. never used to be somewhere I thought would be great for photos. I always found it to be a place of historic buildings and museums (which are gorgeous for photos themselves). However, on this year’s trip to D.C., Rylee and I sought to hunt down the very best hidden photo ops in the Nation’s Capital. And I’d say, we did a pretty good job. We had a blast over the course of two days shooting several thousand (yes, thousand) photos in a variety of locations. Here are some of our absolute favorites!

Watermelon House:

This place is exactly what it sounds like- a house that’s painted like a giant watermelon. It is HUGE. I truly thought it would be chalked full of other tourists trying to take photos, but it wasn’t at all! We were completely alone- for a solid 45 minutes too. It was great. AND, it gets better. Not only is there a giant watermelon mural, but also another kiwi mural that’s the cutest! It is such a fun location to get all the cute pics.


National Portrait Gallery:

Ever seen this neon map of the U.S. on Instagram or Pinterest and wondered where it’s at? I had for sure. It’s one of D.C.’s hidden gems and we finally figured out where it was at. These photos were so fun and give off the best neon & retro glow- such a fun set of images!


US Botanic Garden:

If you’ve ever wondered what the Garden of Eden looked like, this place is probably the closest you’ll get this side of heaven. It truly is incredible. They have an entire outdoor area full of plants, trees, and flowers of all shapes, sizes, and colors, as well as an indoor greenhouse. The inside is massive and allows you to be transported to different worlds and ecosystems every time you step through a new set of doors. From medicinal plants to endangered ones, and rainforests to jungles, this place truly has it all.



These photos may have been my favorite from the trip. CityCenter is such a cute area full of shops and restaurants, but these beach balls were definitely the highlight! I found that these mixed with the small string lights and reflective store windows truly bring out the beauty of downtown Washington D.C. and all the charm it has.


Eastern Market:

I’m a sucker for market shopping, and I was totally captivated by this place! From fresh fruit and flowers to jewelry and other hidden gems from all over the world, this market had everything. I walked out doing minimal damage to the wallet, with a turquoise and stainless silver ring from Thailand! I bought it from the sweetest woman and her mom, who are actually both from Togo and moved to the United States for better opportunities. So sweet! The Eastern Market is also full of cute outdoor restaurants where you can grab a bite to eat. We found an adorable little Italian bakery, grabbed some White Bean and Garlic Hummus and a fresh baguette (um, YUM) and had a quick little snack in the middle of our day. (also, I was a bit too captivated by the market itself, so here are some photos of the cute restaurant)


Capitol Hill Books:

This place is a book nerd’s paradise. It’s a two story townhome PLUS a full basement of books piled high from floor to ceiling- yes, even the bathroom. I could not believe how many books filled this place. It truly was a sight to see! If you could get lost for hours among thousands of books, this place is a must-see for you.


The Blind Whino:

An old church restored into an abstract art and mural exhibit! With a little bit of creativity, you could truly let your brain and camera angles run wild in this place. From the reflection of light through old stained glass windows to several different murals, colorful doors, or simply the entire outside of the building- opportunities to dream up fun photos were endless here.

I hope you enjoyed these and can check some of them out for yourself! Also, if you made it to the end and love what you see when it comes to editing, ALL of these photos were processed with my very own Lightroom presets! I have them available for FREE right now on my blog, as well as all the instructions for downloading and using! Head on over to the Lifestyle tab to check them out! (I haven’t announced those anywhere but here yet… you’re the first to know!! AH, HAPPY EDITING!)




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