Top 5 Tips: Self-Care, Preventing Ruts and Getting in a Healthy Groove Before Winter

Top 5 Tips: Self-Care, Preventing Ruts and Getting in a Healthy Groove Before Winter

Hey friends!

I’m coming at y’all today with my top 5 tips for getting yourself into that healthy groove before winter. The time change just hit, it gets darker earlier, and it feels like it’s that time of year when everyone hit’s the proverbial wall or exhaustion, ruts and sickness. We’re going to try to get ahead of that together folks! Let’s finish out the year strong with these healthy habits.

  1. Relax Your Morning for a Smoother Day


Anyone who knows me well will be the first to tell you- I am the furthest thing from a morning person. I would so much rather stay up late burning the midnight oil than wake up early. However, I have a strong appreciation for the mornings and how productive you can be during them. On the ~few & rare~ days in which I wake up early, I can firmly say that I feel much more productive throughout my day-  especially when I can drag myself to the gym to kick off the day.

My two new favorite things to use in the mornings are:

  • French Press Coffee Maker- So easy! This requires very little time at all in making coffee, and it tastes SO much better than the regular coffee pot. I’ve been using the mild Chock Full O’ Nuts blend and the CoffeeMate Vanilla Almond Milk Creamer and it is the most delicious way to start the day.


2. Get Your Creative Juices Flowing


  • Painting & Journaling are some of my favorite ways to do this! I love spending time unwinding and just letting all the creativity come through in the form of words, doodles, watercolors, and reflection. Putting on some acoustic jams and letting your mind unwind is the best.

3. Soak it Up


  • Taking a bath or hot shower is not only an essential (hello hygine), but it also allows you to open up your sinuses, detox your mind and body, and refresh your entire being. I have been loving the Skin & Co. Blue in Capri Shower Gel recently, because it smells incredible! I absolutely recommend trying it out!


4. Switch Things Up


  • Wardrobe: Change up those looks! Feel like you’re staring at a bunch of clothes you never wear? Clean out your closet, get rid of those clothes you haven’t worn in the past year and find the pieces you LOVE. Try out new looks by throwing long sleeve shirts under your summer dresses or sweaters over top of them to create fun fall looks out of summer clothes. Repurpose the items you’ve got and give them new life, or donate them when you’ve had enough!rawpixel-762097-unsplash
  • Workspace
    • Decluttered space = decluttered brain. There’s nothing simpler than this. Declutter your workspace and get your mind clear- even rearrange your space to breathe new life into it! Find the simple ways to spice things up- change the backgrounds on your technology, get some fresh plants or flowers in there and organize your junk! I promise you’ll feel so much better.andrew-neel-218073-unsplash
  • Routine
    • Switch something up you do every day to keep yourself from falling into a rut:
      • Breakfast foods- try something new to eat that you look forward to in the mornings! For me, it’s my coffee and sweet potatoes- I’ve loved eating them for breakfast now that it’s fall… and they’re
      • Find another playlist or podcast to listen to- my favorite podcasts right now are “Gals on the Go” with Danielle Carolyn & Brooke Miccio and “Woah! That’s Good!” with Sadie Robertson. As for music, I’m a country music gal through & through, but I’ve been branching out recently and filling my home and car some more acoustic jams and Ed Sheeran (because what’s not to love there?!).
      • Even changing the route you drive to work or walk to class- It doesn’t have to be major- even little changes will help you!

5. Move Your Body


As it gets colder, the motivation to go to the gym dwindles alongside the heat. I’m someone who’s never been a fan of working out, but I’ve been getting more into it recently (it took some pushing, but we’re getting better) and I’d have to say- it absolutely feels good every time. It always makes me feel so much more productive!

  • Getting bored of your workouts? Change them up! Try a workout class instead of flying solo, a new class if you’re already into them, or even just a new group of machines at the gym!
  • Try Dancing! I tried Zumba this summer for the first time and it was the most fun I’ve ever had working out! Just find what works best for you, your style and your preferences!

That’s all for today folks! I hope you enjoyed these tips and can put them to good use in your life. Leave anymore of your favorite tips for staying healthy below! (:



*this post is in no way sponsored by any of the mentioned brands, I just like the stuff and wanna tell y’all about the goodies!!*


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