Y’all. If you haven’t heard the news, WE ARE ENGAGED! As of November 11, 2019, we are getting married!!

Wow. Talk about a whirlwind of a couple weeks! I’ve been kind of a slacker on this corner of the internet lately, and I decided this is the PERFECT time to get the blog back up and rolling again! That, and the fact that my new year’s resolution has been to blog more, and it’s already the end of January with no posts.

Everyone has been asking for more information on the story, and I’ve been wanting to write it all out to have it more permanently captured. So, here are allll those sweet details!!!


For over a year, we’ve talked about getting engaged around November, so I knew that it was probably coming soon. On the day of the engagement, we had a date night planned at our favorite restaurant on the beach. The whole day I was suspicious it *might* be the day, but wasn’t entirely sure because Landon was SO nonchalant. Truth be told, on Sunday night I wrote down in my journal wondering when in the world it was ever going to happen.

The entire date night was more of an afterthought when I realized our schedules coming up were CRAZY. I remember us chatting about it on the phone, and me making a casual “we need a date night soon” comment. He came back with an equally chill, “I was thinking maybe Monday since we don’t have YoungLife?” (leading high school ministry, we usually have commitments every Monday night- but it was Veteran’s Day and everyone was out of school.)

When he came to pick me up that night, the first thing I noticed was he was wearing my favorite shirt of his. Maybe a small detail, but it definitely got me thinking. If you know Landon, you know he doesn’t wear dress clothes unless he absolutely has to. So, wearing a button-down shirt to work was super out of the ordinary. But, again, I was SO unsure and totally thought I was getting ahead of myself.


The weather was nothing shy of perfect that night. In the middle of two weeks of 30-degree temperatures and thunderstorms all day, we found ourselves standing in 60-degree sunshine. As we drove down towards the oceanfront to get to our favorite restaurant, we looked out the windows to one of the most incredible sunsets I’ve ever seen. The sky was painted all different shades of pinks and oranges and purples and blues. Landon looked over at me as we admired the view and said “why don’t we do something spontaneous? Let’s go watch the sunset”.



Again, if you know Landon, you know he prefers plans over spontaneity, so once again, the wheels in my head were turning. He pulled off on 44th Street and parked on the street. Oddly enough, I wasn’t thinking anything about the location! This was the spot that, years before, we’d had our first kiss. Yet, our friends live there and we park there often to avoid the hassles of beach parking, so I wasn’t really thinking about it.


When we parked on the street, the view couldn’t have been more perfect. I legitimately watched Landon’s jaw drop as he said “no freaking way”, looking at the massive sun and gorgeous sunset right in front of us. It was even more remarkable than we’d been seeing from the road.

As we walked out to the beach, Landon started to remind me of our first kiss right in the same spot several years before. His words were so sweet reminiscing at the very beginning of our lives together. At that moment, I was the most awkward human on the face of the planet. While trying to buy some time to figure out what was about to happen, I started making small talk about the construction of new buildings on the oceanfront. TOTALLY being weird.

Then, He looked at me and said, “Hey, do you remember what I said to you when I asked you to be my girlfriend?”… The answer to that was “do you want to make this thing official?”- a running joke now with most who know our story. He followed my response up with “well…. I want to make this thing REALLY official, soooo….”


At this point, he bent down and lifted up his pant leg to reveal a ring box stuffed into his sock. A GENIUS hiding place, might I add, as my suspicious self had already been looking at his pockets. He pulled out the box, got down on one knee, and said “Hayden Mikaela Schwarting, will you marry me?”


My response? “Of course I will!!!!!!”


After all the initial shock and meeting the incredible Amy Adams who had already been down on the beach when we got there and snuck behind us to capture the moment (totally genius planning), we headed back to the car. He told me that his parents wanted to see us real quick now before we went to dinner. I kept trying to call or text people to tell them what had just happened, but Landon encouraged me to “chill out” and just wait because “they all already know”.


We wound up back at his parent’s house, and when we walked inside, they stood in the doorway all ecstatic for us. As I continued into the kitchen ALL of our friends and family were there! My parents and siblings, friends and family! It was so sweet to have everyone there to celebrate!



That night, we all sat around, talked, ate food, and fellowshipped together. It was the BEST night ever! Everything was so beautifully thought out- and I couldn’t believe how EVERYONE had kept the secret for so long!! 

I am so grateful for all of the love and community that’s been shared throughout our engagement thus far, and the ways in which we’ve been showered in love! I am so excited to continue moving towards the best day ever when we get MARRIED! 

I’m also excited to share more about the whole process here in this space in the new year, as we nail down more of the details. Until then, we’re ENGAGED! (still kinda freaking out)





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all the photos in this post (besides our awesome iPhone selfie) were taken by the incredible Amy Adams! cover photo taken by our amazing wedding photographer, Sarah Eleanor Photography!

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