Our Wedding: Details, Vendors + A Lot of Photos

Our Wedding: Details, Vendors + A Lot of Photos
All photos in this post were taken by our phenomenal wedding photographer, Sarah Lancaster with Sarah Eleanor Photography. None of the products mentioned in this post are sponsored! All opinions are my own.

Our wedding day was the most magical day I ever could have dreamed of. The wedding industry & Instagram culture hype up grand events and gorgeous scenery and picturesque backdrops and elaborate decorations. Don’t get me wrong- I’m a sucker for a gorgeous tablescape and a beautiful venue. But sometimes, the best memories are made right in the backyard.


I woke up the morning of our wedding with butterflies in my stomach. The instant I was awake, my bridesmaids piled in my bed & in the room to join in my giddiness. Waking up that morning surrounded by my favorite girls was such a blessing!


I spent the entire morning getting ready in this adorable pj set I got from my momma and my sweet little “Bride” robe. We jammed to country music, drank mimosas, and ate breakfast casserole and waffles all morning! All of the natural light poured in through one window that was only accessible by sitting in the bathtub. So- that’s what we did! It was the biggest, sweetest getting ready party. All of our robes, including the flower girl’s robe, were from ToHappilyEverAfter on Etsy!

The Gals:

My bridesmaids each did their own makeup, and so did I! We kept things real simple y’all. We knew it’d be hot, and I didn’t want anyone to not feel like themselves! We kept the same warm and neutral tones and had a grand old time. My phenomenal hair wizard of a bridesmaid, Rylee, did my hair and it turned out perfect! She is amazing and willing to do hair for more weddings too, so hit me up if you need her contact information! I’ve already gotten messages about it! 

All of their jewelry was a personal choice as well- they just all wore gold to match! You don’t really see them much, but we all wore the same suede target heels. 10/10 would recommend these shoes- they are SO comfy!!!


The gals dresses came from an Etsy shop called Radiant Rooster, and they were stunning and so lightweight! I loved the fact that they could each wear the same color, but they weren’t locked into a style they didn’t like. Each of them could tie the dress any way they liked! Based on their feedback, I’d give you this advice: grab a friend to help you & try it every way you can! Sometimes you need a little help to make it work.

The Guys:

These guys are total gems. I mean LOOK how handsome they all look?! Y’all here is my advice to you on guys attire: quit taking it so seriously. I mean it. You wanna know what I told these men? “Wear khakis and a white button-down shirt, brown belt, and brown shoes”. That’s it. I’ll bring the ties. Some of them were nervous I was going to be mad if everyone’s shoes or pants weren’t the same shade. Nope. “Can I wear brown Chinos?” Sure. “Do these brown shoes match or should I buy darker ones”. Nope, wear ‘em. Shoot y’all- Landon wore ice cream stance socks.

Guys- it’s not that deep. Keep it simple (and trust me, your guys will thank you for it). And it was HOT. I think they would’ve passed out in suit jackets. Their ties are from BHLDN but made by the tie bar. Landon’s tie, the guys bowties, and the ring bearers all had the exact same pattern and it worked perfectly. I loved the way the white shirts, khakis and brown accents worked with the cream ties. They looked SO simple and handsome!

Landon wore the watch I bought him for his college graduation and shoes I found him at the thrift store (holla)! Those are some of my favorite details of all.

My Details:

Ugh y’all. I cannot tell you how in love with my dress I am. I went to a bridal salon with brand new dresses and loved tons of the options. However, these sort of studios work with “sample sizes”, and all the dresses were way too big on me. Even though they clip the dresses tight to fit you, I felt as though I couldn’t get a true feel for what my dress was going to look like in a totally different size.

I wound up finding my dress at a consignment bridal studio. I went in not expecting to like anything and left feeling like “if someone else buys that dress, I’m going to be so sad”. So, I bought it! 

The dress is entirely handmade in Barcelona by a designer called Pronovias. While I never lived in Spain (and have never been there), I loved that my dress came from Europe as a little ode to my childhood years living in Italy. And, there’s something so romantic and elegant about it! I loved the details of the lace and the pattern was unlike anything I’d ever seen. I fell in love with the details present on every layer of the dress, and the buttons down the back. AND- it was just my size. Yup. No alterations. It was love at first sight, y’all.

My veil and earrings were both Etsy finds, so I’d never seen them in person. The veil was from Dareth Colburn Designs, and I ordered it a week before the wedding (gutsy, yes.). I wanted something with a simple edge- nothing too plain that would feel too casual, but nothing too fancy that would take away from the gorgeous detailing on the dress. My earrings were from Shop Vitamin Love, and I adore them! They are so beautiful I even wore them for my bridal shower that happened the weekend after the wedding!

My engagement ring is from a jewler called Henne in Pittsburgh, PA- where Landon’s family is originally from! He snuck up to Pittsburgh one weekend last summer to “visit family” and order it for me with his cousin who worked for the jewler! I think it’s so sweet to have my ring be from a place that means so much to his whole family- and that getting it was a family affair! Our wedding bands are from Olive Avenue Jewlery in Mesa, AZ, and I adore them! My ring is called “Spring”, and it is made of diamonds and Australian opals. Landon opted for the comfort fit gold band for his ring. The OAJ team has been great too- even offering to resize Landon’s ring a quater of a size for free so that it’ll fit better for him long-term, and fixing a stone in my ring after our wedding!

My flowers were done by North End Florals, and they were stunning! Kaity, my Maid of Honor, held flowers we put together from Trader Joes (same with the flower girl’s! We dismantled a few roses and were good!). My goal was to keep everything pretty neutral for Kaity since her dress was already a terracotta color, so we went with white roses! For me, I wanted to bring in some of the pops of orange to reflect the girls dresses and tie everyone together. 

Since we had less than 45 people at the wedding, we opted to have the bridal party sit in the crowd with our families- otherwise, there would’ve been more people standing up than sitting to watch haha. I loved the simplicity of how it looked just having Kaity and Dalton too! And it was great that our best friends had a front view of the whole ceremony, rather than trying to watch from the sides.

One other little detail I had to mention was Amelia, our flower girl. When my Dad & Step Mom (I call her Momma) got married, Kaity and I were the flower girls in their wedding. We were so excited to be a part of it! Well, all these years later, Amelia, my little sister, got to be in my wedding and wear the same exact dress we wore. We’d saved it the whole time! It was such a sweet little full circle moment and she was SO proud of herself for making it down the aisle.

Kaity was also the one who made the altar (the boys helped put it together), and she actually did the flowers on it as well! She bought the wood at Lowes and stained it herself- all for about $60. The white roses and greenery were artificial that we bought on amazon for suuuuper cheap! She put the florals together the morning of the wedding and they were beautiful!

Altogether, I am in love with the way the wedding came together. It was so sweet and intimate in our backyard and everyone had SO much fun! 12/10 would recommend a giant pool party for your reception folks- it’s a grand old time, and your guests will thank you for being able to change clothes in the summertime heat.

Cheers to married life!


Hayds (well, the LoAlbos :))


Here’s a condensed, complete list of vendors as well for reference:

Dress: Silk Bridal Studio (Virginia Beach, VA), Pronovias (Barcelona, Spain)

Veil: Etsy, Dareth Colburn Designs (Salem, MA)

Earrings: Etsy, Vitamin Love (San Mateo, CA)

Engagement Ring: Henne Jewelers (Pittsburgh, PA)

Wedding Bands: Olive Avenue Jewelry (Mesa, AZ) 

Garter: Heirloom borrowed from a friend

Hair: My incredible bridesmaid, Rylee Charbeneau! (she’s open to doing other wedding hair too & she’ll make all your hair dreams come true!)

Makeup: me! – I can talk more about the products used in another post. They’ve been tested through the pool, hot tub, 100+ degree heat, and a full CrossFit workout and stayed in place (and it’s almost all from the drugstore!)

My Flowers: North End Flowers (Virginia Beach, VA)

Altar: Wood- My sister went to Lowe’s, Florals- Artificial white roses & greenery from Amazon, arranged by my sister the day of the wedding

The Gals:

Dresses: Etsy, Radiant Rooster (Conifer, CO)

Robes: Etsy, ToHappilyEverAfter (Los Angeles, CA)

Shoes: Target

Jewelry, Hair & Makeup: They all picked their own gold jewelry and did their own hair & makeup!

The Guys:

Outfits: This wedding was basically “bring your own clothes” for the boys. They all brought their own white button-downs, khaki pants (ish), brown shoes & brown belts! When Men’s Wearhouse is closed, you make do! (and they looked great!)

Ties: BHLDN, The Tie Bar

If I missed anything, feel free to ask!


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